Meegan Desiree Gower

PhD Student


Meegan is a Mathematics and Statistics Graduate from The Open University. Meegan worked in the architecture and construction industry in the UK specializing in 3D building information modelling for over 10 years before moving to Dublin and changing her career into research. Her research career started as a Research Engineer in the Adapt Centre D-Lab in Dublin, working extensively within the FinTech spoke in addition to the health sector developing predictive machine learning applications for business deployment. She is now a PhD student investigating the development of 360 audiovisual technology for monitoring biodiversity as part of the Kinsella E3 – Balanced Solutions for a Better World programm. Darren received his BSc. in Electrical and Computer Engineering and MSc. in Data Science from the University of the West Indies. His current research area is perceptually motivated video restoration using Deep Neural Networks (DNNs), which involves the use of non-traditional perceptual measures and approximations as part of the loss function. His work shows that there are potential gains to be made using these perceptual losses. These improvements are targeted towards User-Generated Video content is the common type of Video found in YouTube and Facebook.